May 04, 2020 2 min read

The Department of Homeland Security deemed Health Food Stores and Supplement Manufacturers as essential services, and we are open to serve you during this time.

With the ruling to re-open and lift stay-at-home orders where some of our stores are located, we have made adjustments to those locations to better serve you.

We are closely monitoring changes to all state, county, and city ordinances, and are making safe procedure changes where permitted.

Where allowed, we have expanded the amount of customers allowed inside each store, but still keeping it limited to only 25% of each locations fire code allowance.

Inside all of our stores, we are continuing to exceed all of the necessary precautions recommended by the CDC to keep everything clean, sanitized and safe for you to shop in.

High traffic surfaces will continue to be sanitized and disinfected in-between customers and we are still practicing social distancing inside of our stores.

No matter your shopping preference ... we are here to help and accommodate you during this first phase of the re-open.

We will continue to offer services like curbside pickup, delivery, and video consultations to help accommodate you.

If you'd like to shop inside the store as you normally would, we would absolutely be glad to help you out there again too.

No matter what you choose … We are here to serve you.

We understand that your routines have changed ... and will continue to change these next few weeks.

You may want to tighten down your diet now that the gyms are opening up ... we can help with that.

Maybe you want a new routine to use now that you're back in the gym ... we can help with that, too.

Call your local S2 and let us know how we can help you with moving towards your goals.

No matter what you need ... we got your back.