Operation Transformation FAQs

Q. When does this Challenge begin?

A. Our 2023 Winter Challenge will begin Monday, January 23rd.

The deadline to be eligible to win our $10k Winter Challenge has passed ... but you can still join & receive all of the other benefits of Operation Transformation while still being eligible for our yearlong $10k transformation grand prize! This includes FREE custom meal plans, Inbody Scans, workouts, recipes ... and entry to our private Facebook support group!

Q. When will this Challenge end?

A. The official end date of the challenge will be Monday, March 20th 2023. Final pictures will be due by 11:59pm that night. The link to do so will be provided at that time.

Q. I have friends who would like to join the challenge, when is the final day of registration?

A. Registration will run until Monday, January 23rd at 11:59pm Central Time.

Q. I have registered for the Challenge, what is my next step?

A. Make your way into your local Supplement Superstores location! You can then get your FREE In-Body scan and FREE customized nutrition plan. Both crucial in making sure you see the best results possible!

Q. How is the winner determined?

A. The best physical transformation will determine our winner. A comparison of before pictures vs. after pictures. We have a panel of over 20 people who anonymously vote to decide the overall winner.

Q. Will I need to submit an In-Body Scan at the end of the challenge?

A. Scans are not required, but they are encouraged. The scans are there to help you track your own progress throughout the challenge. They also help us customize your nutrition plan and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

Q. I have completed my registration and have my plan from my local Supplement Superstores ... what should I do now?

A. You should follow your plan and work to make the best possible transformation within the next 8 weeks! Make sure to lean on your local S2 Staff and our private Facebook group to help guide you along the way.

Q. Where do I find workouts, recipes, important challenge information, etc?

A. All important challenge information will be emailed in our weekly newsletters for the challenge. We will also post all challenge related information inside of our Facebook group, and that information will be pinned to the FEATURED tab of the group. 

Q. What is the benefit of the Facebook Group? Am I required to make posts within the group?

A. You are not required to post anything in the Facebook group! But you can share any part of your journey that you would like. The group does contain all weekly workouts and recipes. You can also find previous challenge workouts and recipes. This is also where you will be able to enter all weekly contest giveaways. The best part about the group is the community of accountability it provides. Our staff and all group members push each other and keep each other motivated!

Q. I filled out my registration, but I would like to go back to add/change some information ... how do I do so?

A. All you'll need to do is go back to the registration link, fill it out again ... but this time adding or changing the information you'd like to change. You can do so up until registration closes on January 23rd at 11:59pm. 

If you have any other questions about Operation Transformation, or need help setting up a plan ... email CustomerService@SupplementSuperstores.com and we will get them answered!