Get Your Own Piece of the Faction

If you think shopping at Supplement Superstores is an incredible experience…imagine owning one of your very own!

Supplement Superstores is growing rapidly and we are looking for the right people to help us expand by opening up their very own franchise of Supplement Superstores.

Supplement Superstores is the undisputed industry leader when it comes to sports nutrition. We dedicate ourselves to outshine our competition in quality, innovation and overall value.  Our mission is to be the company that all people turn to live a better, healthier, more active lifestyle. We have convenient locations, the best prices in the country and provide a personal touch that develops lifelong customer relationships.

Our retail team’s skill-set goes far beyond just getting clients results at an affordable price.  With the years of experience that the owners and management team have in the sports nutrition industry, we will be able to effectively teach you the techniques and operational procedures needed to run your own successful franchise business.  Not only will we be there to help you get your business off the ground, our franchise consultants and management team will be there to support you as you build and grow your very own business on a foundation of high standards and outstanding customer service.

Supplement Superstores has retail franchise opportunities available so you can get your own piece of an industry that has exploded and taken the country by storm, even in a tight economy, to prosper. A Supplement Superstores franchise offers a chance for you to turn a small investment into a thriving business.  You’ll be your own boss and enjoy the thrill of creating a world where people love to come in, enjoy a pleasant shopping experience and then walk out happy. In addition, they’ll be educated and feel great about not only their purchase, but the lifestyle changes that you help them make.

When you come on board as a Supplement Superstores franchisee, our team will instill the skills, knowledge and experience you need for owning and operating a successful business.  We’ll assist you with everything along the way from site selection, construction supervision, lease negotiations, hiring and training an effective team, to training the operational procedures and systems. We’ll give you more than just the keys to a profitable business; you’ll get the first class support system to make your business excel in the market.

Becoming part of the Supplement Superstores family not only offers you an investment opportunity to own and run a profitable and successful business, it also allows you to become an active part of the industry that you already enjoy.  Let us teach you the skills and show you how to operate a successful Supplement Superstores franchise.

What it takes to be a Supplement Superstore’s Franchisee

  • Enthusiasm & Commitment to helping others achieve their goals,
  • Honesty & Fairness to your employees, customers and vendors,
  • Hard Work & Dedication to make it all happen!

If this sounds like you, then take the next step to owning your very own Supplement Superstore by reading over the Steps to Owning an S2 Franchise and completing the Online Franchise Application.


Steps to Becoming a Supplement Superstores Franchisee

See if we are exactly what you’re looking for.  Look over the Supplement Superstores website and make sure we’re a good fit for you and the type of business venture you’d like to begin.

Complete the Online Franchising Application.  This form will be sent directly to our franchising department so that one of our franchising representatives can review it.

After we have reviewed your application, someone will contact you and set up a series of conference calls and face-to-face meetings with the franchising department to review all of the details of the Supplement Superstores Franchise Program. The Supplement Superstores Franchise Program is very exclusive and we are highly selective of who we invite to be intimately involved with our business; we don’t take everybody. This is our chance to make sure you’re a good fit for our business and for you to ask any questions and make sure that we’re a good fit for you.

Because of the initial investment required, the next step in the process will be for us to obtain your proof of financing via a certified personal financial statement and a letter of approval from your bank (if necessary). This is our way of ensuring that your business will be properly funded.  It also protects us from dealing with applicants that aren’t 100% serious about becoming an S2 franchisee.

After we receive your proof of financing, we will have you sign the Franchisee Non-Disclosure Agreement and we can start helping you establish your own S2 Franchise. You will then learn about our company through examining our Federal Disclosure Document and meeting with both the franchising department as well as the owners of the company. If you are approved for your own Supplement Superstores franchise and wish to move forward, we will obtain your Franchisee Signature of Commitment and get the ball rolling on your new business.

The final step will be to decide on what city or territory you’d like to open your Supplement Superstore in and decide if you would like to secure regional exclusivity. Regional exclusivity would allow you to further secure your territory and prevent any other potential new Supplement Superstore franchisees from opening locations in that same territory.**

If this sounds like what you you’re looking for, then Supplement Superstores is right for you!  Take the next step by filling out our Online Franchise Application.

** Supplement Superstore franchises are not currently being offered for locations in California, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington or Wisconsin, or to residents of those states.