March 11, 2022 4 min read

The amount of information out there about health and fitness can be overwhelming.

Simply type "how to lose weight" into a Google search and you're going to get a ton of different articles ... all claiming they have your solution.

Do a little more digging, and you'll see that almost every article is giving you different information. This makes it very hard to find what actually works, no matter what your fitness goal is.

Our job has always been to provide you with nothing but the TRUTH when it comes to seeing the best fitness results. 

We have 6 of the most common fitness myths listed below ... and we're going to bust those myths for you.

1. Cutting Carbs Helps You Lose Weight - Cutting calories helps you lose weight ... not necessarily cutting carbs. If you've cut carbs in the past and lost weight, it's simply because you created a calorie deficit. Choosing to remove carbs to create a calorie deficit is an option, but you could also eat nothing but carbs and lose weight. Consistently creating a sustainable calorie deficit is the key to weight loss ... and this means burning more calories than you take in. You can do that with or without carbohydrates, so make sure your plan fits your personal needs.

2. You Burn More Fat When You Workout On An Empty Stomach - You burn fat by creating a consistent, sustainable calorie deficit. What you eat or don't eat before a workout won't matter if your plan is set up properly for fat loss. If you prefer working out on an empty stomach, do it! Just know you aren't getting some magical fat burning benefits by doing so. It's all personal preference. Do what makes YOU feel best. 

3. Eating Before Bed Makes You Gain Weight - Remember, we lose weight by creating a calorie deficit. We gain weight by taking in more calories than we're burning ... or creating what's called a calorie surplus. You can do that in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. Your body doesn't know what time it is, and it doesn't know when "before bed" is. If you overeat, you gain weight ... and that has nothing to do with the time. If you have food to eat on your plan and it's around bedtime ... eat it. If your plan is set up correctly, it will not effect your weight loss results.

4. Keto Is The Best Fat Loss Diet - There's no "best" diet. What's best for you, may be a horrible option for someone else. The "best" diet is the diet YOU can stick with long-term ... and that helps you see the results you want to see. If that's a keto-style diet, that's great! If that's a Paleo diet or fasting ... wonderful! Many diets can work as long as they're set up properly, and you can adhere to the plan for the long haul. If it's not something you see yourself sticking with ... we suggest not doing it.

5. Higher Rep Workouts Burn More Fat - There's no "fat burning workouts". Workouts can contribute to creating a calorie deficit, which can lead to fat loss ... but there's no specific workouts that burn fat. You can lose weight doing higher reps, lower reps ... or even going on a 30-minute walk everyday and not lifting weights at all. Lifting weights builds muscle, which helps you keep fat off in the long run ... but it's not the amount of repetitions you do within that workout that lead to fat loss. Just like your diet, you should find a workout plan you enjoy ... and that you can continue to do consistently.

6. Detoxes and Cleanses Help You Lose Weight -They do not ... and they can actually be harmful if taken long term. What detoxes and "cleanses" do is simply flush a bunch of fluid from your system. You lose water weight, and possibly other important micronutrients when you do this. You also strip your gut of healthy bacteria with these cleanses. If it was as simple as drinking some detox tea to lose body fat ... everyone would do it. There are products that can help you drop some fat, but it's not these. 

This list could go on, but these are some of the most common health and fitness myths you'll find.

It's hard to make progress when everything you see and hear about fitness seems to be conflicting. We've all had our own fitness journeys just like you ... and we know how hard finding the facts can be.

If you're struggling to find a plan that works for you, or need help sorting through the information you've got ... we've got your back because we've been there ourselves.

You can stop into your nearest Supplement Superstores location ... and we'll make sure you have the information you need to see the best results possible.

*This post was written by Ryan Rockow, who is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.