August 31, 2021 5 min read

The final weekend of pool season is here.

This means many of you will be heading out of town for that last little bit of fun in the sun!

You may think staying on track with your fitness while traveling is near impossible ...

Sometimes it can seem that way, without a doubt.

We are here to show you that keeping your progress … while even making more progress when out of town is possible with the proper planning.

There are 3 factors you tend to focus on most when it comes to health and wellness:

Exercise, nutrition, and supplementation.

Let’s break those down and show you how it can be much easier than you think to stay on track while traveling!

We will even teach you what to do AFTER being out of routine to make sure you continue to make progress.

Exercise and Traveling

Research the Area – Take a look at the area you’ll be in and see what fitness facilities are around. The hotel you are staying at may have a nice gym.

Many local fitness centers also offer day passes ... so you can hit the gym on your trip and not skip a beat when it comes to results. It can even be fun checking out new gyms in the area you are staying in!

Pack for Exercise – Bring your workout shoes and workout clothes. Bring a swimsuit ... swimming in the ocean or a hotel pool is a great workout! Resistance bands and a workout mat are both great if you do not have access to a gym.

Body weight and banded workouts can be very effective. Do not forget your headphone either ... always nice to have the added motivation from some music!

Stay Active – Walk as much as you can! If you are in walking distance from your destination on your trip … get those steps in. Maybe you have a delayed flight, and you have time to get some extra steps in at the airport. Everyone loves a beautiful walk on the beach as well! Whenever you can get more steps in … DO IT! It will help you much more than you may think.

Set the Tone with Activity – When you arrive at your vacation or travel spot … start by exploring with a walk! Plan an activity with your friends and family that involves MOVEMENT right off the bat.

Hit the pool, walk the beach, check out the hotel fitness facility or even visit a local park or trail. Do this upon arrival and it will set the tone for the entire trip!

Nutrition and Traveling

Drink Your Water – Getting your water in has a TON of benefits! Proper hydration can control your appetite and cravings, help increase your body’s ability to burn fat ... and give you more natural energy for your trip. Shoot for a gallon a day while you are traveling, and it will help tremendously.

Plan Ahead With Healthy Snacks – Road trips and flying can open the door to unhealthy snacking. Avoid this by planning ahead!

Bring some easy protein and carb options along with you. Some quick and easy snacks include beef jerky, deli meat sandwiches, fruits, veggies ... and of course protein bars and protein shakes. All very easy options that can help you stay on track in those tough, travel situations.

Choose Wisely When Eating Out – Eating out is part of traveling, no way around it. You should absolutely enjoy yourself, but that doesn’t mean you need to go crazy. Check menus before you go! See what options they have that may fit your plan.

Focus on PROTEIN! Grilled, steamed, and baked options will always be best. Keep your meals portioned and try not to go overboard with carbs and fats.

If you know you are going to be indulging for dinner … keep your other meals throughout the day a bit lighter. All of these tips can make a huge difference when it comes to staying on track. 

Don’t Stress – After all … you are on vacation. Enjoy yourself! You can have a meal or drink that is off the plan and a lazy day on the beach … just be mindful of what you are doing! Have a plan in place and remember your goals. You can make it work and still have a blast on your trip.

Supplements and Traveling

Traveling with Supplements – It is easy to travel with your supplements ... even when flying! Tossing them in labeled zip lock baggies is acceptable for most airlines. If driving, you can bring full tubs or containers … or toss them in single-serve zip lock baggies to save room! Nutrition takes a little hit on vacation, no matter what. Have some supplements with you to help fill those gaps can minimize the damage.

What Should You Bring – Many of the “vacation meals” are lacking in nutrients. Having your multivitamin on hand to fill those nutrient gaps can be a huge help. Sometimes we overeat or indulge in some foods we are not used to eating.

This is where digestive products like greens and digestive enzymes can help take care of bloat ... and keep that stomach feeling flat. Having a few shakes and bars for those in-between-meal snacks is always a very safe option too. Glucose Disposal Agents can help as well. These can prevent the excess storage of carbohydrates after some vacation sweets! All great tools to have at your disposal when traveling.

What should I do after my trip?

You know the feeling after a trip and being off routine …. You just feel “off”.

We are often asked what you should do following a trip or slip up in routine to get back on track.

Should you fast?

Should workout 2x per day?

Should you follow some crazy, restrictive protocol?

No … you should simply get back to your plan!

What you were doing prior to your trip to see success … that is what you should fall back to.

Once you do so … you we will be back to feeling good in no time!

If you need help with that plan after falling out of your routine, that's where we come in.

We can get you back on track and feeling great, without a doubt!

In Summary …

It takes a little planning but staying on track while traveling or out of routine is not quite as hard as you may think.

It can be done … and you can still enjoy yourself without worrying about losing progress.

Keep in mind that after your trip or after you fall off the wagon a bit …

You do not need to do anything drastic to get back on track!

Simply get back to the plan you were following … and we are here to help with that if you need us.

If you have a trip coming up ...

Or know that you will be out of your typical routine ...

Use these tips to ensure that you continue to see the best results possible!

*This post was written by Andrew Lynn, who has a Bachelor's in Science Nutrition and Dietetics. He is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.