October 11, 2023 2 min read

Our top-selling brand has just released 2 new flavors of their extremely popular energy drink, along with multiple other new items.

Plus, with Halloween Season upon us ... you have to check out these spooky products that just arrived too! 

New 1st Phorm Products
1P Energy - One of the cleanest & smoothest energy drinks on the market today ... now with 2 brand new flavors, ⚡Tropic Lightning & 🇺🇸 Screamin' Freedom! 
Screamin' Freedom is a classic, fruity & tart Bomb Pop mix of cherry, lime & blue raspberry...
...while Tropic Lightning is a unique and mouthwatering combination of pineapple & grapefruit. 
Both of which contain the perfect blend of natural caffeine & focus-enhancing vitamins ... ready to keep you locked in & energized for any daily task.
1P Protein Sticks - Finding an on-the-go snack that's healthy & high in protein is tough ... unless you have these tasty Protein Sticks! 
With this new Sharp Cheddar flavor & 20 grams of protein ... you'll be covered when you need a convenient, high-protein snack for your busy days. 
Endura-Formance Pre-Workout - Looking for a pre-workout boost without any caffeine or jitters? Endura-Formance is the perfect option.
This non-stimulant pre-workout is packed with performance ingredients that will help you push through any style of workout ... and this new Black Cherry flavor is
spot on. 

Prime Hydration - Glow Berry 

The increasingly popular Prime Hydration Drink has dropped yet another unique & delicious flavor ... just in time for spooky season! 

Not only does this new Prime bottle glow in the dark ... but the flavor mashup of sour apple, kiwi & lime is an absolute must try! 

Of course, you'll get your B vitamins, antioxidants, coconut water, electrolytes, low calories & no artificial colors ... making Prime a fantastic & healthy hydration option. 

Mother Bucker Pre-Workout

Bucked Up has just dropped this Halloween edition of their high-energy pre-workout, Mother Bucker! 

This one is packed with a ton of energy & focus to keep you dialed in for any tough workout. 

And we'll be honest, with a flavor name like Franken Juice ... just drinking this will have you ready for Halloween! 

Alani Nu - Witches Brew

Alani Nu, a top name in the Supplement Space ... has brought back one of their limited edition energy drinks, Witches Brew! 

With a very flavorful blend of sour apple & just a hint of sweet caramel drizzle ... this one is sure to get you into the spooky season spirit. 

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