April 08, 2021 2 min read

Here at Supplement Superstores, we take pride in the fact that we carry the most diverse product lines that will help you achieve your fitness goals ... at the absolute lowest prices.

This past month alone, we have brought on multiple products and new flavors that we know you will love.
New Flavors of The Grind EAA + Hydration

One of our more popular brands released two new flavors that are sure to bring nostalgia ... Icee Blue Raspberry and Icee Cherry. Both of these flavors are great to drink during your work outs, or just as a healthier option during the day.
New Clean Victory Products

We've brought on two new flavors of Stage One: Peach Rings and Blueberry Lemonade. The reviews are in and both are a hit!

On top of those ... we now carry Reset which helps lower cortisol and will improve your overall quality of sleep.

New 1st Phorm Products

1st Phorm continues to build their foundational supplement line, and we've brought the following products on board:

Radiant- A blend of ingredients that have shown to help promote healthy skin, prevent acne breakouts, and improve skin clarity.

Symmetry- A natural diuretic with ingredients that will decrease water retention and bloating ... which helps showcase your optimal physique.

Complete Prostate- A blend of unique and highly concentrated natural ingredients that support a healthy prostate while decreasing urinary issues.

In addition to those, you'll also find these newest flavors from 1st Phorm in our stores:

-Strawberry Candy BCAAs

-Pineapple Orange Banana EAAs

-Pina Coloda Megawatt

-Orange Sunrise L-Carnitine

If you have questions on any products that we carry, come into a store and our Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists would be happy to answer them.