August 03, 2022 2 min read

Our commitment to you has always been to provide the best possible products ... at the lowest possible prices. 

To honor this commitment ... we continue to bring on new brands and products that fit our mission here at S2. 

If you haven't stopped into one of our stores in the past month or so ... here's some of the newest products to hit our shelves! 


Legendary Protein Pastry

You can now enjoy your favorite childhood treat ... without the guilt! Legendary Foods hit a home run with their low sugar, high protein spin on Pop Tarts.

These delicious pastries come in 8 mouth-watering flavors ... with 20 grams of protein and just 5 net carbs per serving. They are sure to become one of your favorite ways to crush your sweet tooth. 


New 1st Phorm Products

1st Phorm continues to add to their top-quality line with 2 brand new products:

1st Phorm Energy Drinks - With a 100% transparent label, zero calories, and research-backed ingredients ... this is certainly not your typical energy drink.

These are packed with the perfect amount of natural caffeine, and paired with a unique blend of smooth focus and mood-boosting ingredients ...without any jitters or crash.

They come in 4 deliciously clean and crisp flavors ... ready to help energize you for any task that's thrown your way. 

Megawatt Natural - A new spin on the popular Megawatt Pre-workout. You'll get the same energy and focus kick that you love ... but with 2 new, naturally sweetened flavors. Both are delicious additions to 1st Phorm's pre-workout category. 


New Carbon Fire Protein

Prepare your taste buds ... because Carbon Fire went all-in with these new protein flavors. Already known for some of the most delicious protein on the market, these new options are a 10/10.

They have 3 new post-workout Isolates in a refreshing Blueberry Lemonade, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla ... along with a Cinnamon Roll meal replacement that is spot-on to the real thing. 


S2 Apparel

In case you missed it ... our new summer apparel line launched last week!
The Unbound Collection is exactly what you need to stay cool, look great, and feel confident this summer.

These new styles provide premium comfort, fit, and feel ... perfect for the gym or your everyday lifestyle.

All 22 new items are NOW AVAILABLE in-store and online!

If you have questions on any products that we carry, drop into your local S2 store and our Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists would be happy to answer them.