February 20, 2024 3 min read

Over the past month, over 18 new products & flavors have hit our shelves here at S2! 

Check out what we've added below:

New 1st Phorm Products

1st Phorm has added two new and incredibly delicious products to their high-quality supplement line.

Strawberry Phormula-1 is a light & extremely refreshing post-workout protein option. Easy to mix, even easier to drink ... and about as good as it gets when it comes to maximizing your recovery.

And you can now promote anti-aging, joint & skin health with their all-new Red Velvet Collagen. This new flavor mixes up perfectly & tastes like just like a delicious, red velvet dessert.

New Allmax Nutrition Products

From high-energy performance pre-workouts, to everyday health & wellness products ... Allmax Nutrition does it all, and they've done so for a very long time.

They've just released a brand-new flavor of their potent energy pre-workout, Impact Igniter. Orange Krush is a delicious spin on orange soda ... and it packs a punch. A perfect option to take your workouts to the next level.

The two new flavors of MusclEAA Extreme (Pina Colada & Cherry Limeade) are fully-dosed essential amino acid products. Designed to sip throughout the day or during a workout to help prevent muscle breakdown ... as well as help with recovery.

Both Longjack Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis are single-ingredient products that help naturally boost testosterone levels, which can improve your overall health & wellness. Think of them as multivitamins for your testosterone levels!

New Axe N Sledge Products

Already known for producing some fantastic pre-workout options, Axe N Sledge has stepped it up once again with their all-in-one performance product, Intake.

Coming in two delicious new flavors ... this potent energy & performance blend will have you dialed in for your toughest workouts.

Never Ending Chocolate is a new addition to their isolate protein line, and if you're a chocolate fan ... this one is sure to become a go-to option for your protein powder needs.

They've also updated one of their most popular "pump" & blood flow products, Hydraulic. This one gives you every performance, endurance, and blood flow ingredient you can name ... without any caffeine or stimulants. 

And it's hard to beat these flavors ... Deadlifts & Gummy Bears, Glacier, Shark Bite, and Unicorn Blood!

New Evogen products

Evoburn is the newest addition to Evogen's growing product line.

This powdered thermogenic is packed with ingredients for energy, appetite control & fat loss. A perfect option to add to your routine to help you get ready for the warmer months ahead!

It also comes in two very refreshing flavors, Orange Sunrise & Strawberry Lemonade.

New MAN Sports Products

MAN Sports has been around for years, and has always been known for making high quality products.

Their new "Dirty Bulk" is a powdered weight gaining supplement ... perfect for helping you get in some extra calories & put on some muscle. If you struggle eating enough throughout the day ... this product is designed for you.

New Nuts N More Flavor

Nuts N More actually came about from the show Shark Tank, and it's certainly a winning investment.

Their high-protein, all-natural almond butter is on another level when it comes to deliciousness ... and their new Apple Butter flavor is absolutely out of this world!

Now if you have questions about any of these new products ... or need help with anything health & fitness related, just stop into your local Supplement Superstores & we'll get you taken care of!