March 22, 2024 2 min read

We've had multiple new products & flavors hit our shelves over the last month! 

Here's what we've added to better help you hit your fitness goals:

1st Phorm Carrot Cake Level-1 Bars & 4-Pack Energy Drinks

Just in time for spring, 1st Phorm has released the newest flavor addition to their mouthwatering, protein-packed meal replacement bars ... Carrot Cake.

With 20 grams of high-quality protein & low calories, you can now have all the Carrot Cake you want ...while staying on track with your fitness goals! 

1st Phorm's 1P Energy Drinks continue to take the world by storm ... and you can now grab this incredible combination of energy, focus, hydration & carbonation in a 4-pack! 

Maybe you want to try a new flavor without committing to a full case, or you want to stock up on a couple of your favorites ... no matter what, you're covered with the new 1P Energy 4-packs. 

New Axe N Sledge Products

Coming at you again with two new flavors (and of course, the awesome labels!) ... Axe N Sledge has just released all-new options for The Grind & Farm Fed Protein Powder. 

The Grind is a fully-dosed essential amino acid product ... ideal for helping improve your endurance & recovery. It makes a great drink for before and/or during your workouts ... and you can also sip it all day long. And the brand-new Sour Electric Lime flavor is incredible!

Farm Fed is a whey protein isolate, designed to help boost your recovery after a workout. Farm Fed is already known for being some of the tastiest & most unique flavored protein on the market today ... and they continue that trend with their new Marshmallow Milk option. 

New Ghost Hydration Drinks

Ghost joins the surging hydration & sports drink category with these new & refreshing ready-to-drink options. Ghost packs their new hydration drink with a full blend of electrolytes, and they come in 4 delicious flavors ... Citrus, Lemon Lime, Orange Squeeze & Sour Patch Redberry. 

New Prime Hydration 

Continuing to make a splash in the hydration drink space, Prime Hydration has introduced two new flavors to their fast-growing product line. 

Prime UFC brings you the taste of summer with a sweet & refreshing "lemonade" feel ... and Prime Strawberry Watermelon is unique flavor combination that's absolutely delicious. 

New CBum Products 

Chris Bumstead (better known as CBum) & his collaboration with Raw Nutrition only continues to grow with the addition of this new post-workout protein flavor & pre-workout!

"Itholate" Chocolate Peanut Butter is a rich, decadent & delicious blend of chocolate & peanut butter... and believe us when we say this flavor is hard to beat! It makes for a perfect post-workout recovery treat. 

"Thuper Savage" gives you just about anything & everything you could want in an all-in-one pre-workout. Energy, focus, pump, endurance ... you name it, and Cbum's new performance pre-workout gives it to you in a full, scientifically-backed dosage.

And it comes in two, deliciously unique flavors ... White Cherry & Citrus Grapefruit. 

Now, if you have questions about any of our new products, or questions about anything health & fitness related ... just drop into your local S2 location & we'll be sure to get you taken care of!