May 05, 2021 1 min read

Here at S2, we are constantly working to bring on the best supplements ... at the absolute lowest prices.

If you haven't stopped into one of our locations in the past week or so, here are some of the newest products that you'll find on our shelves!

Blueberry Muffin Level-1 Bars

Level-1 Bars are EASILY the most popular protein bars in our stores ... for good reason! The macros on these bars are great, and the flavors stand out against all other bars.

Their newest Blueberry Muffin bar is going to be a customer favorite simply because of it's amazing flavor. Think of a blueberry pop tart covered in delicious icing!

We suggest hurrying in for these, because they will go fast!

Precept by Carbon Fire Supplements

Carbon Fire has made some amazing pre-workouts over the years ... but they really out did themselves with their new Precept.

Precept is a very strong and efficaciously dosed all-in-one pre-workout with basically every main ingredient you'd want prior to working out. Precept comes in two delicious flavors: Grape and Cherry Lime.

WAYT Nutrition

WAYT is the newest supplement line to hit our shelves at S2. WAYT's mission is not to simply sell supplements ... it’s to ask a simple question. Where Are You Today?

WAYT exists to understand you and support you on your health journey by offering six different products in incredible flavors to help you with your fitness goals.

***For now, WAYT Nutrition is currently available in our St. Louis, and Springfield MO Stores.