March 28, 2020 2 min read

Growing up, my mom asked me every morning: "Did you make sure to take your multi-vitamin?"

Honestly ... I rarely took them and I'd just roll my eyes and chalk it up to her being ridiculously overprotective.

As I got older and started studying nutrition, I realized that she was right and that I didn't understand the importance of them.

In fact, if you've shopped in one of our stores you probably know that the supplement we recommend starting with is a multi-vitamin.

We've been preaching the importance of multi-vitamins for years because most people don't eat a sufficient amount of fruits or vegetables ... and find themselves being deficient in certain nutrients.

Now more than ever, it's important that we fuel our bodies with the proper vitamins and minerals to make sure we are functioning at our peak.

The truth is that there are numerous benefits from a quality multi-vitamin, but here are just a few of them ...

- Improved Immune System
- Improved Cognitive Function 
- Improved Bone Strength

- Improved Energy Levels and Reduced Fatigue
- Reduced Stress and Anxiety

And much more ... the list could literally be two pages long.

Since there are thousands of multi-vitamins on the market, we are asked often "What is the Best Multi-Vitamin?"

There are quite a few good options available in stores, but here are three important things to consider with a multi-vitamin:

Choose a Capsule Over a Hard Pressed Tablet
This is EASILY the most important factor when it comes to a multi-vitamin. Many multi-vitamins are hard-pressed tablets, and won't fully break down in your body ... ALWAYS choose a capsule style multi-vitamin for best absorption.

Choose a Reputable Brand
Although this is true with every supplement you purchase, this is even more important when it comes to multi-vitamins. If possible, I'd always suggest buying from companies that are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility.

Consider a Pack Style Multi-Vitamin
Standard multi-vitamins are a good option ... but a pack style multi-vitamin will provide more benefits for overall health. Many of them contain ingredients such as anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and more. These provide a better value than if you were to purchase all of those separately.

As always, if you need help finding what multi-vitamin is best for you, our Sports Nutrition Specialists would be happy to get you pointed in the right direction!

Note - the safety of our customers as well as our employees is our number one focus right now. All store locations are open regular hours, and have exceeded all CDC recommendations for cleaning and store safety. 

Each store has also started offering curbside pickup as well as free shipping. Just give your local Supplement Superstores a call and we can get you squared away.

 **This article was written by Andrew Lynn.  Andrew is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has a Bachelors in Science Nutrition and Dietetics.