August 08, 2023 4 min read

I've been working in the health & wellness industry for a long time ... and there's no question that nutrition is always the biggest struggle for people starting out on their own fitness journey.

Everyone knows they need to follow a plan when it comes to nutrition if they want to see the best results ... but even with a great plan in place, it's still hard to figure out the best way to actually make your meals, and fit them into your day.

We're all busy with kids, a hectic career, family life, etc ... and it can just be hard putting your actual nutrition plan to work. When life gets crazy ... it's easy to grab something on-the-go that isn't necessarily the best option. And once you do that, it starts to become a bad habit that never leads to the best results. 

I've been there myself, I know how difficult meal planning can be ... and that's exactly why I want to share with you some of my favorite quick & easy meal prep tips!

1) Make Food in Bulk & Portion Out As You Go - This is a huge help and can save you a lot of time. For instance, if I have lean beef or chicken breast on my plan ... I'll just cook some in bulk so I have it for the next couple days. I'll then measure, weigh, or track what I need for each meal as I go. It's much easier than trying to cook or prepare your meals on the spot. Plus, you'll have plenty of food ready to keep you from hitting the drive through or gas station.

If you want an even easier/quicker hack ... prep just your protein in bulk, and then just grab carbs & veggies as you go. Minute rice cups, steamed veggie bags ... or anything along those lines can be great in these situations. (I use them for almost all my carbs & veggies!)

2) Cook Every 3-4 Days - I'm certainly not someone who preps food for a full week ... and I don't know about you, but I don't love week-old food. So I try to use the "prep in bulk" method every 3-4 days to get me through the week. That way I can switch up the food if I want to mid week ... and I can ensure freshness of my meals as well.

3) Use Different Seasoning & Sauces - This one is HUGE. Because the simple addition of sauces & seasonings can make any "bland food" taste incredible. There's so many different, low-calorie options out there. Pretty much any sauce or seasoning you can name ... there's a low-calorie, healthier version of it.

4) Use Shakes, Bars & Snacks When Needed - Like I said before, I know how busy life can be. Sometimes you can't even get to a meal ... let alone heat it up and eat it. That's where things like sustained assimilation meal replacement shakes, protein bars, and other supplemental snacks can come into play. These quick & convenient items are high in protein, low in calories ... and the perfect option when you're in a bind. I use these myself multiple times per day ... just to fill gaps in my meal plan.

I'll get my 3 whole food meals in ... and then throw in a shake, bar, or protein treat 2-3 times per day to make sure I'm hitting my nutrient goals. If you're not utilizing these tools for your busy schedule, you should be. They can make all the difference in the world.

5) Plan Your Day - This is one is also very important. You have to know where you'll be, how many meals you might need, if there's going to be a microwave or fridge available, etc. I always check on these things ... so I know exactly what to bring with me.

I can't tell you how much of a life-saver these simple meal prep tips can be ... and I know they will help you see the best possible results.

But before we finish up here ... I also want to share with you some of my favorite meal prep dishes (most of which I make using the tips above!):

Egg Sandwiches - A super easy one. Take your eggs or egg whites & cook them up. Add some sausage or maybe some turkey bacon ... and toast some whole wheat bread or an English muffin. Throw it together in a sandwich and BOOM!

Hamburger Bowls - Another favorite of mine. All the burger taste without the extra calories. Cook up your lean protein of choice, add some potatoes or rice, pickles, ketchup, mustard, low-fat cheese ... and whatever else you'd like to add that fits your plan. This one is sure to become a favorite of yours too.

Taco Bowls - This is an easy one ... and very delicious. Just prep your lean protein of choice (ground turkey, ground beef, etc) & season it with some taco seasoning. Then just add rice, salsa, non-fat/unflavored greek yogurt (tastes identical to sour cream & is also very high in protein) ... and whatever other taco-like toppings you'd prefer. This one stays in my meal prep rotation weekly!

Healthy Wraps - This one is as simple as prepping your protein, grabbing a low-carb tortilla (or tortilla that fits your specific plan) ... tossing them together with your favorite veggies, rice and/or sauce ... and it's that easy.

Smoothies - If you want to take your meal replacement shakes that we talked about earlier, and doctor them up a bit ... try a smoothie! A scoop or two of protein, fruit, greek yogurt, maybe some chia seeds, oats, ice, almond milk ... and blend it all together! It's high-protein, full of nutrients, very filling ... and of course, quick & easy.

And if you need more tips or help with setting up your nutrition plan in anyway at all ... we're always here to help! We put together customized meal plans 100% FREE of charge, and do so at all Supplement Superstores locations. Swing by and see us anytime ... we'll be more than happy to get you taken care of!

This article was written by Sage Schuman. She is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist.